Metro (2021)

Vídeo, 16’19”, 4:3,  color, stereo

with Martí Albert 

Metro is based on the footage I found on an old family camera from the early 2000's.

Someone in my family accidentally recorded a subway trip and later we continued to film on the videotape. By chance, the images of the journey coexist with our daily celebrations and moments. I am surprised that we did not erase them, welcoming them as a family memory.

Notes a l’escala (2018 – ongoing)

Installation. Found notes, photography and sound recordings (15min loop)

Notes a l’escala explores the invisibility of care in the spaces we inhabit, based on a personal anecdote. The project is articulated as a collection of visual and sound notes, where the fragmented and incomplete record of the working days of Maria Cruz - the woman who works cleaning the stairs of the building where I live and who I almost never have seen - dialogues with images and sounds of this same space. A constellation of minimal gestures that question the invisible condition of this tasks and the groups that perform them.

El gest més simple (2019)

Digital intervention to photographs, illustrations, self-published book (prints on tracing paper, 14,8 x 21cm)

with Mònica Ruiz

El gest més simple is an investigation around the gestures performed by bodies in moments of social change. Images of the 70’s and 80’s demonstrations in the district of Sant Martí (Barcelona) became a map from where to learn minimal and intimate resistance movements. From these gestures emerge political alliances capable of becoming visible and occupying public space, beyond the specific claims and struggles they defend. Original images from Arxiu Municipal de Sant Martí.

trontolls*sotracs (2018)

Intervention of the Arxiu Comarcal de l’Urgell. Collection of intimate documents

During my stay at the Arxiu Comarcal de l’Urgell, I realized that most of the documents preserved there had an institutional or administrative nature. Therefore, the history of this territory was mainly explained from official perspectives. I opened the trontolls*sotracs collection, made up of personal documents that the neighbors of the population gave to the archive, with the aim to expand the range of voices and memories preserved in this type of institutions.

(Des)informar un espai (2018)

Intervention and video documentation

with Pau Minguet, Alba Mori and Claudia Poblete

Through various practices, hegemonies generate narratives that condition our ways to perceive a certain reality. In (Des)informar un espai, we wanted to call into question the methodologies used by the institutions when imposing symbolic narratives to different public spaces. We modified the original billboard of the Gardens of Sant Pau del Camp, in Barcelona, by introducing an alternative informative poster, written from the testimonies of people who inhabit the space regularly.

Nadir (2018)

Photography, self-published book

In astronomy, the term nadir refers to the intersection between the vertical of an observer and the celestial sphere. In cinema and photography, the nadir point regains this meaning by placing the camera perpendicular to the ground. Nadir is a photographic project that explores what is above us, using a formal game. Looking from the bottom up as a gesture that seeks to twist the  photographic device, playing with the perception of the shapes of the urban relief.